Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sending off CVs

Here are the 40 or so envelopes I've prepared today. They are all stamped and ready to go. They have 1 CV and 1 cover letter explaining my reasons for applying. It's all pretty general in the cover letter. I thought that I would spend some time writing a good cover letter , so that I would grab the agencies attention , all of this I did yesterday.
And then I finished off the CV. So now I just need to trawl through a few newspapers tomorrow. I think the Irish Examiner has a pretty big jobs section, so that will be the first port of call at the news agents tomorrow. Then I am going to start with the online applications.

I have some ideas as how to track these applications and hopefully I will be sharing these with you in the next few days and weeks. I realise that for getting a job in ireland I will need some sort of system, to track things. But you are going to have to stay tuned for that. ;)


mully170674 said...
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Job Ireland said...

Try the CV databases rather than post. A Good CV (keyword rich) will make your phone HOT for a week. Most of the Irish Job Boards have a CV database. Some are good (and used) some are not. So put your CV in all of them. YOu will see the effect withing 24 to 48 hours.

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