Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Job Searching Tips

I've been thinking really hard recently about some tips to give people when they are apply for a job. And all I can ever come up with is a list of don't rather than a list of do. There are some of the things that I know I have done in the past, maybe they can help you a little. So here is 20 things you should not do in an interview :
  1. Eat your lunch during the interview.
  2. State that, if you are hired, you would demonstrate your loyalty by having the corporate logo tattooed on your arm.
  3. Pick your nose.
  4. As who the lovely looking chick in the picture on their desk.
  5. Flirt with the receptionist.
  6. Ask them what their favourite shots are.
  7. Tell them that you want their position within the year.
  8. Question their sense of dress.
  9. Ask to talk to their boss.
  10. Bring a copy of Penthouse with you to read in the reception.
  11. When asked about your hobbies, jump up and show them some cool dance moves.
  12. Tell them that you are only at the interview to get the unemployment office off your back.
  13. Ask the interviewer can you use their phone.
  14. Fart.
  15. Bring a Polaroid camera and ask for a picture of the interviewer. Say you have a collection of over 100 of these.
  16. Pick your teeth.
  17. Discuss what you last saw at the cinema.
  18. Ask if the interviewer is married.
  19. Pretend to cry, in order to get sympathy.
  20. Lie.
That last one was a little hard for me in my latest round of interviews.

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